Speedway, Indiana: It’s not just the Indy 500 that makes it special!

Speedway, Indiana

“More Than a Day in May” could not be a more fitting tagline for the Town of Speedway! Of course, the town makes its mark as host to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing every year, but there is a lot more going on in Speedway, Indiana than just the Indianapolis 500: It is a really nice […]

Beyond RFRA: Indiana is a great place to live


Giving “Hoosier Hospitality” a run for its money was SB 101, otherwise known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. You may have heard of it. This law ensures that in specific circumstances, a business owner’s religious beliefs are solid ground for refusing to serve a customer. The state’s passage of this law — […]

Agent Spotlight: TYLER HILTON


(This post is part of an Agent Spotlight Series. Get to know the agents who’ll be working for you at Newkirk Realty!) Looking for a Realtor? Meet Newkirk Reality agent Tyler Hilton! So, think about this: You may LOVE making videos of your cat. Or you may love downhill skiing. Or binge-watching Game of Thrones. […]

No Down Payment? You CAN Still Get a Zero-Down Mortgage on Your New Home


What is the point of a zero-down payment mortgage? The point is to make homeownership — to Indianapolis homebuyers or anyone  — accessible to people who have challenges to saving the traditional twenty percent of the cost of a home. Since most financial institutions are not interested in assuming the risk that zero-down mortgages present, […]

Chatham Arch: This Indianapolis Downtown Neighborhood Has a Little Bit of Everything!


There are so many things to like about the Chatham Arch neighborhood, that astute homebuyers looking to locate to downtown Indianapolis need to give properties that come up for sale here a good look. Like many other historic neighborhoods in Indy, Chatham Arch is on the National Register of Historic Places, and many homes were built in […]

Drones in Real Estate: Set to Become a Powerful Marketing Tool in the New Year


It’s all very enticing. A Realtor can walk into a Radio Shack this afternoon, buy a drone, and by the end of the day have some sweet footage of a new property on his or her website. In a competitive real estate market, Realtors need to constantly surprise and delight their customers and drones provide a perfect way to […]

Emerson Heights: History, Value and Proximity to Downtown Indianapolis


Emerson Heights is an unique neighborhood located on the eastside of Indianapolis, with many of the homes built in the 1910s and 20s, during an historical sweet spot between streetcars and the proliferation of automobiles. The homes, many Craftsman and American Foursquare, were very popular pre-WWII architectural styles. Their boxy shape provides a maximum amount of […]

An Open Letter to Homeowners: Don’t Forget Your Chimney!


Your home’s chimney is easy to forget. Whether it’s a chimney to a fireplace that’s only used during the cold months, or you have a gas-fired water heater that may be vented into the chimney and used all year, most chimneys just quietly do their job of venting smoke out of a building. Sometimes, a bird flies […]

Herron-Morton Place: Where History and Porch Parties Collide!


Few Indianapolis neighborhoods have the colorful, evocative history as Herron-Morton Place does. There might as well be a few of those large-wheel-in-the-front penny farthing bicycles and ladies walking around with flouncy skirts and parasols. Men sipping on iced tea on their front porches playing checkers, too. When you walk down a street here, that’s exactly the […]